About SkySails Yacht

SkySails Yacht GmbH is the market and technology leader in the field of automated towing kite systems for yachts.

The company draws upon 15 years of experience of its parent company SkySails Group GmbH which is renowned for its innovative towing kite wind propulsion system for cargo vessels.
It is the first company in the world that has succeeded to develop kite technology as an industrial application with kites as large as 400m² delivering up to 2,000kW of propulsion power (for more information please visit www.skysails.com).

The SkySails technology is patented worldwide and the company has a strong international network of strategic partners.

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SkySails Yacht GmbH

Luisenweg 40
20537 Hamburg – Germany 
Phone: +49 40 702 99 301 
Fax: +49 40 702 99 333  
Email: yacht@skysails.com*