Powerful Propulsion
The SkySails-System is the most powerful wind propulsion system in the world. By means of dynamic flight maneuvers, e.g. the figure of “8“, SkySails can generate up to 25 x more power per square meter sail area than conventional sails. Thus already the smallest SkySails-System can substitute up to 250kW of main engine power with a kite of only 40m² in size in good wind conditions.

Range Extension
Running your main engine on 0 - 50% while being towed by the SkySails
kite, gives your yacht unlimited range and the ability to wisely cross the 5 oceans without being docked on deck of an expensive freighter.

Automated & Fully Integrated
The SkySails-System can be operated from the bridge. Its automated controlsystem performs the tasks of steering the towing kite and adjusting its flight path. All information on the operation status of the system is displayed in real-time on a monitor and easily accessible for the captain or kite pilot.

New Comfort in Yachting
Motor yachts provide spaciousness and speed while sailing yachts offer emission- and vibration-free enjoyment. Cruising at sea is significantly more comfortable on a sailing yacht, but this is achieved with a disturbing inclined position. The automated SkySails-System combines the advantages of both worlds effortlessly: On a motor yacht fitted with SkySails you can glide soundlessly and stable.

Reduced Fuel Consumption
Whilst using SkySails in good wind conditions the yacht’s engines can run on 50% fuel consumption at same speed thus significantly reducing the fuel bill.

The operation of super yachts becomes environmental friendly with SkySails since fuel consumption and therefore
emissions are considerably reduced. This also has a very positive effect on the public image of the owner.

Increased Safety / Eye in the Sky
If fitted with a surveillance camera an area of 1.800nm² around the yacht can be observed, e.g. for anti-piracy missions. Additionally the kite can be used as emergency take-home device.

High Visibility
Due to its operation height of up to 300m the SkySails-System has an unrivalled visibility and attention, e.g. for promotion and marketing.

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